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Thought it would be nice if we could recommend toddler items we find really handy as we come across them.

Mine would be the little pot with a rubbery type flappy thing at the top to stop snacks going everywhere (could I be any more vague?!) Can't remember what it's called, but it's got two handles and you basically put a snack in it, put the lid on (that's the rubber thing with flaps) and the idea is that they can get their hands in and out but they can't drop all their snacks by throwing or dropping the pot. It's brilliant and Reiss has anything from his cheerios in it on the morning school run to bits and bobs in teh back of the car. He does still drop a few bits as they come out on his hand, but it saves on a lot of mess!

Anyone got anymore?xx


  • i have one to! their fab! but nor can i remember what their called. i think its something snack pot lol but their purple and green and you can get them in jojo for about a fiver. they really are worth it, ive used mine loads.

    another cool thing i have is a mini backpack with a rein attached that clips across the front, you can also get them in jojo or eric snooks/golden cot. they are also brilliant, people always comment on it and ask where i got it from! they are the least complicated rein ive seen.
    their by littlelife and are between 12 and 15 pounds and come in loads of designs (i have a turtle one lol).

    but you certainly get some years out of it because even when you no longer need the reins you just unclip the strap and it becomes a normal back pack.
  • ha ha knew it would come out in the end, well done hayls you have a far better memory than me! i also give my lo cheerios in mine, great minds think alike!
  • em I agree with the backpack we have one for rhys and it's great. No longer need to take changinf bag for short trips as just put nappie/ wipes in his bag lol.
  • em I agree with the backpack we have one for rhys and it's great. No longer need to take changinf bag for short trips as just put nappie/ wipes in his bag lol.
  • Mine would be the sleepytot bunny, (a wee toy bunny that has velcro at each paw and you attach a dummy / comforter) my lo loves it. Great for when they are trying to find dummy !

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  • i agree! :lol: make them carry something for once lol x
  • wow I want a snack trap!
  • I want a snack trap now and the reins with a backpack lol!!
  • Magic green playhouse from toys r us ??49.99!! they do pink too, We got Eoin the green one, he loves it and such a bargain at the price, we use ours indoors as we live in flat with shared garden, but luckily our lounge is very spacious! Eoin adores it and it is very funky!

    they have the backpack reins on here on sale and you can also buy used ones on here for cheaper!

  • oh and read the reviews on them!

    and another thing i was thinking of buying was a bickiepegs doidy cup. does anyone have one? are they any good?
  • Doidy cup is really good for them learning to sip out of a proper cup as it's slanted so no need to tip up and spill everything. We used one for Charlotte.

    I have also ordered a snack trap!
  • If any one else wants a snack trap you can also get them from Tesco's
  • i have a snack trap too!! its brilliant! i got mine from asda about 7months ago and still use it all the time!!

    and oddly enough minutes before logging on here i ordered the ladybird littlelife backpack for my daughter!! i cant wait to get it!!! image
    i ordered it from amazon. the reviews are great and if you guys rate it too it must be true!! as my lttle girl would say "yipee" lol
  • Just ordered a snack trap for my Tom. Thanks ladies!xx
  • I got a snack trap last weekend and loving it so far! Got ours in Tesco, slightly cheaper than jojo and it's the same brand they sell.

    Doidy cups are definitley worth a try - if you see a HV or go to a surestart centre it might be worth asking there as they usually have them to sell cheaper than you can buy them elsewhere. John Lewis are the cheapest seller otherwise I think but they've started charging delivery now!

    I was looking at the reins with animals attached but will look at those backpacks now - the times I need a bag just big enough for nappies, wipes and a beaker!
  • thats all there good for! you can only fit a few things in there which is why it is perfect for a few nappies, wipes, cup etc. the main element is the rein. i saw a few reviews moaning they couldnt fit more in! they missed the point that its actully supposed to be used as a safety rein and for the toddler to put their stuff in! i just thought what do you expect your toddler to carry, your whole bag in there?? like seriously i could just imagine a two year old dragging a 3 stone back pack thats the same length as him lmao!!!:lol:
    their mini cuz there designed for walking age, a 1-2 year olds back is only so big!
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