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buggy board question

Just wondering if anyone had used this buggy board seat type thing?

My lo will be 2 years and 8 months when no.2 arrives and i'm trying to avoid getting a double, but I've no idea if these things are any good!


  • My sister in law used this one on her double pushchair as she didn't want to get a treble buggy.

    She has a 4 month old daughter and a 2 year 10 months old son. She looked after my son who is 18 months therefore got this buggy board for her son to sit on.

    Her son loved it - she doesn't use it anymore because my work situation has changed and she doesn't look after my son now and her 2 just go in the double. I think she might be selling her's if your interested i'll ask her

    Leah x
  • That sounds ideal for my situation then, thanks!
    Please let me know if she is selling it - we'll probably look at a few more options first, but this seems like it might be the best option!
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