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Aquadraw vs Tesco's Own

I want to get Oscar something like an aquadraw for Christmas but as a stocking filler so am tempted to get the Tesco's own version which is ??10 as opposed to the more expensive Aquadraw ones. Unless it's rubbish of course. Does anyone have any experience of these and which would you choose?

I'd prefer to get a proper mat rather than the disposable type ones btw xx


  • oohhh I have no clue on the answer to this but would love to get my little miss one so I will see what the response is!! xx
  • I bought an Aquadraw for lo in Toys R Us at the weekend. It isn't themed (not In The Night Garden, Thomas etc), but it is an Aquadraw, and it was ??14 I think (less than ??15 anyway). I haven't used anything other than an Aquadraw so can't comment on the Tesco one, sorry.
  • We got the teletubbies one for ??12 as opposed to ??30 for the roary/INTNG didn't know Tesco did one too. If it's anygood may look into it for at my mum's if it's only ??10
  • Weve got the tesco one but no idea if it's good or not until 3 dec on his birthday! Hope it's good but won't be devestated at that price image
  • Tesco has an offer on now, i got a disney princess aqua draw for ??14 ( the one with the princess that follows the drawing) They did a boys one but i can't remember which one it was x
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