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Jumperoo vs Baby Einstien

Hi, I am currently in two minds weather to get a jumperoo, we have a baby einstien which we have been given from sil, but the jumperoo looks really good. LO has only gone in einstien today for the first time he's 4 months. So what do you think should i get the jumperoo would be great of anyone has experience with both. We also have door bouncer from sil also!!!



  • Hi,
    Well thanks to everyone on here I persuaded hubby to let me buy our lo a Jumperoo last Christmas! He totally and utterly loved it from the moment we put him in it. He was 5 months old and had lots of use out of it till he was about 9 or 10 months when we was having a go at walking and crawling like a nutter. We're pretty sure the time he spent (only about 10 mins at one time and 20 mins over a day roughly) built up strength in his legs so he was an early crawler and walker.
    Don't have any experience of Baby Einstien but we loved our Jumperoo and it was a sad day when it got packed up in the loft.
    Does take up a bit of room though but otherwise it was grand!
    Hth x
  • Jumperoo is fun and it REALLY is that good.I have no experience with baby einstein one,but we have few similar activity stations at our baby group and non is as good as Jumperrooo.Maybe u could go to a bigger Mothercare and try one?Sorry not much help.
  • Jack loved his jumperoo best buy ever!!
  • Hi, think i'm going to get one in new year when the tree goes down. When its not being used does it fold away smaller or is it up as it is all the time?
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