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balance bikes - opinions please

Hi there, just looking for xmas pressies for Shea (he'll be 27months) and was thinking about first bike as he has trikes, ride ons and a quad but he's fascinated with boys on their bikes.
All the toddler bikes in halfords say from 3years and Shea is quite short, so i'm thinking they may be too big for him, but i've come across this link for balance bikes and I watched a youtube clip with a 2 year old riding one and they look fantastic.

Has anyone ever bought/ seen / have any opinions on them??

the link is

thanks Claire x


  • Hi i have seen these too i had this to choose when my lo turned 2 he is tall for his age!!

    we tried him with one of these in our local bike shop but he didnt like it as it has no peddles!!

    I also thought he would grow out of it in a year or so when he got bigger!!

    I ended up getting him one with peddles and he cant peddle it yet but can still go along using his feet!!

    with it saying from 3 years is a guide i would take him to a shop as it does not matter if they cant touch the floor its all to do with there legs reaching for the peddles to go all the way round!

    Hope this helps!!

  • g/c from baby i seen these on a tv programme and there meant to be better for kids than bikes with stabilisers as it teaches them how to balance on a bike so you can go from those balance bikes to a proper bike with no stabilisers! hth x
  • you can get one from toysrus, i did see one in the elc last year but cant find it now, i really want to get a bike like this for hayden when he gets bigger, i saw one in a bike shop up in glasgow when i was pregnant and thought it was a fab idea.
  • thanks ladies, I too thought he might grow out of it very quickly!!
    I think i'll take him to Halfords and have a try of a few bikes and see which he prefers

    thanks again
  • Never seen these before but they look good.

    Charlotte is totally obsessed with anything that has wheels! We are thinking of getting a Cozy Coupe for her 2nd birthday now instead of a play kitchen, as she's been in one and would not get out of it!!
  • We had a theory (but haven't tested it yet) that you could buy a normal kids bike for him and unscrew the pedals (effectively making it a balance bike) for the beginning and then all you have to do is reattach the pedals!

    I do add a note of caution we haven't tested this theory yet, it was just a bit of our stingy blue sky thinking!
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