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Britax B-dual pushchair?


Just wondered if anyone had one and what your opinions were of it?

I just found out I am having baby no2 and ds will only be 22 months and dont think he will want to be standing on a buggy board at that age. This one seemed like a good option, dont like the Phil and Teds for new born.



  • Hiya, I am 15 weeks pregnant and ds will be 22months also when this one is due. It will be February though so I have resided myself to having to buy a double, else I think I could have managed with a cheap double and go back to my single after a few months if it were in summer. I hadn't really thought about the b-dual before I saw one in the "flesh" a couple of weeks ago and I have fallen for it!!! LOL! It allows rearward facing in the main seat but the hoods do make it HUGE, so if you are vertically challenged it may not be the pram for you. Also, Britax are bringing out a soft carrycot soon for it which I will be interested in.

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