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Phil and ted's questions - owners please help!

1. How are they to use?
2. How easy are they to put up and down?
3. Easily movable etc etc?
4. Would you advise some one to get one?
5. What was the age gap between yours when you started using it for 2?
6. If you have the vibe how easy is it to fold up with the doubles kit on? Or do you just take the kit off anyway?
7. Did you use a cocoon or not for new born? Opinions on this!
8. How easy is it off road on beach etc etc?
9. Is the vibe lighter than the sport? Any other differences?

any advice welcome THANKS


  • 1. Very, easy to push, easy to put up and down and easy to attach all the different bits to.
    2. See above :lol: There is a bit of a knack to unfolding it and ending up with it the right way up, but it's easy enough to do. To fold you press 2 buttons and it hinges in the middle, to unfold it's one button to release the lock, then just unfold it.
    3. It's brilliant to manouver about, it's quite long and wide for a single, but much smaller than other doubles and it still easy enough to push now with both my 2 in, a combined weight of about 65lb!!
    4. Definitely. I love it, I've switched to using it full time as a single now, and that's in preference to my much loved Bugaboo.
    5. 22 months
    6. Don't know, I've got the sport image
    7. The cocoon is lovely, and makes a really nice travel bed for naps and things as well, but it's not very big. Barney was out of it by 12 weeks, but if you aren't expecting a big baby then I would definitely get one.
    8. This is one of my favourite things about it. I use it loads off road and it will go through anything. It also comes on holiday with us and will even work ok on the sand with two in, although you do need to be a bit strong for that. With one baby in it works better than the stroller we used to take.
    9. Not sure, I bought the sport because I liked the look of it better!!
  • if you type the phil n ted pushchair model into you tube with the word kiddicare, there will be a video. They explain and show you how to put it up and down and the different features etc which come with the phil n ted.
  • Bedhead - thanks SOOOOOOO much for the answers VERY helpful and now a couple more questions!!! image

    How old roughly was your eldest when she didn't need the buggy REGULARLY?

    How do you find storing the sport - witht he seperate double bit? We don't have much storage room but I feel the second double would just sit on top of the rest of the buggy when in the house - is that an accurate assumption??? Does the main buggy need to lean against a wall to stand up??

    Is getting the second seat on and off easy?

  • I think she was nearly 3 before we stopped using it regularly BUT I have a buggy board on the Bugaboo as well, if we didn't have that I'd have carried on using it regularly for longer. She goes to school every morning on the buggy board as it's a bit too far for her to walk both ways, if we didn't have it she'd probably go in the pushchair.

    We cheat with storage, it goes in the garage!!! The doubles seat takes up no room at all off the pushchair, it will fold flat so it just leans against the wall. I think the pushchair will stand up folded, but we have plenty of room in the garage so I don't fold it, just wheel it in :lol: Taking the seat off is really easy, you just push in two little pin things and slide it off, it litteraly takes seconds. When you are using the doubles seat on top (for a toddler and newborn) you can actually fold the pushchair with it on as well, it's just when it's on the back you can't.
  • Thanks again - I may well be back with more questions! :lol:
  • Maximum - are you heading towards getting a double now for definite? How old will Max be when bump arrives in July? xxx
  • He'll be 2 and a half and I had thought not to bother but hubbie thinks it's essential and we have also thought that we might have no3 closer to no2 so we better have a double ready for then and get the use out of it!
  • Def have a 3rd so you get more use out of it! x
  • oh we'll be having no 3 no question - just when!! JUst realised I have not emailed you after you asked me to - sorry christmas distractions - I will get to it!
  • That's fine. I am now drowning under school work...but so easily distracted with ovulation dates, pushchairs etc...much more fun planning a baby!

  • oh yeah - baby baby baby - I love it - scan next monday (1st day of term - that went down well with head esp cos it is 11.30 and hospital an hour from school so writes off most of the day and she doesn't know what appt is for!)

    Did you decide to stay where you are?
  • Thanks for this post MaxiMum, I'm also expecting no2 and was looking at the Phil and Teds just yesterday, so your questions are very useful to me too. Sorry I can't be any actual help to you though! Although if it's any use I've decided the Vibe isn't worth the extra money, and it does look a bit bulkier - although I do like the look of it - Mothercare stock them both if you want to have a play and compare.
  • Thanks for this post MaxiMum, I'm also expecting no2 and was looking at the Phil and Teds just yesterday, so your questions are very useful to me too. Sorry I can't be any actual help to you though! Although if it's any use I've decided the Vibe isn't worth the extra money, and it does look a bit bulkier - although I do like the look of it - Mothercare stock them both if you want to have a play and compare.
  • I have an interview second week back at school and they are also coming to watch me teach...but not sure what to do now. The baby urge really took over and hubby and I want another one NOW. I really need to let the school know if I am going for the interview or not! I have asked about and I don't have to go back to the school I am in now after maternity leave IF I get a job in the same LA (so would not have to pay any maternity pay back) I have spoken to the advisor who is in charge of all the primary schools here and she doesn't want to loose me from her LA. I would be giving up so much as I am a leading teacher in my LA and I do half a day each week working for them .

    Plus we looked at houses in the areas that would be commutable for hubby and we would not get a house like we have now, which is poo! So the plan is to try and pay as much off the mortgage as we can and save a little bit more to make a move in the future easier. Hopefully house prices will lower and our house will go up in value(lol) so it'll be easier. Hubby did suggest seeing if we could look to move while on maternity leave so it is still on the cards - but how we'd afford it on maternity pay I don't know! x
  • ohhh well I hope the decision making about the interview isn't too hard - don't envy you though having to make the choice.

    Bedhead I did have more questions about the P&T but I have forgotten them now! Sure they will come back to me!
  • Thought I'd just add my little bit lol...

    We've got the vibe, used it as a single pushchair before for a couple of months before no. 2 arrived, now using it with my 22 month and 3 month old.

    1. Very easy, once you get the knack like with any pushchair/pram.
    2. I used to find it really hard to fold the clips down, but realised that the handle needs to be in highest up position and folds no probs!
    3. VERY easy, far easier than my single pram even with 2 children in it!
    4. Yes and I have, 2 of my friends have now bought P&T's for no2's and a no3.
    5. 19 months
    6. You can only fold it with the double kit on when its underneath, so havn't as yet (I can try it though if you want)
    7. Yes and I love it! so easy to get her and out safely.
    8. Only used it occasionally off road and it was fine, the beach was okay but hard work!
    9. Vibe is lighter, easier to fold and you can adjust the hood, so if like me child 1 is tall we can move it up, on the sport you can't and when we tested it, it was sat on his head! (If that makes sense).

    I got it on line for a really good price, including the Vibe, doubles kit, cacoon and double rain cover.

    Hope this helps

  • Downesy thank you for this - we are pretty much decided on the Vibe, just need to do a little road test to confirm.

    Do you mind if I ask what kind of car you drive and if it fits in your boot easily? Also (sorry, one more question!) where online did you buy it from?

  • I bought mine from

    I've got a Renault Scenic and hubby has a Lexus IS200 and it fits no probs in both.

  • Sorry I have a Q too - can you use the Maxi Cosi car seat with the Vibe? I know you can with the Sport.
  • Hi. G/C from DIJuly/ Thanks maximum+1 for posting this.
    I am after the sport (i think not sure of the differences)
    I am wondering as baby in due in july, i am not so keen on using the caccon. My LO will be nearly 2 years old and i am wondering (as i wont be out for a long time) if the car seat can be used on top with my toddler sat underneath. Any feedback would be gr8. Also if anyone has any FB on the baby jogger city mini doulbe.
    Thanks ladies. My eledest was 2 1/2 when olly was born and very tall and able so i didnt get a double then but this time i think its essential image
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