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Fisher Price Little People versus Happyland

Just wondering,why do so many people on here prefer happyland staff?I just got a free happyland rose cottage as a part of a subscription to a mother and baby mag and I dont think it it as good as Little People,yet hardly anyone ever mentions them on here,why is that?Just genuinly wondering..


  • We don't have any of the happyland stuff (only heard of it for first time on here the other week lol) but we have quite a few of the little people sets from ds's last xmas & b'day and he uses it loads and loves it. I've only really looked at the happyland stuff online but I'm with you and think the Little People stuff looks better.
  • We have some of both. I like the Little people better as they are a bit chunkier, and are a bit less fiddly, but I wish there were more different characters! We seem to have about 4 of each person!
  • just wanted to say thanks for posting this...i've never heard of little people before, only happyland...Jensen LOVES the happyland people and we've bought him a pack of 8 for xmas, he's also got the little xmas set which he loves...BUT i've been looking for some nice animals and have now found a little people noahs ark set in argos for ??18 with 14 little animals in, THANKYOU!! x
  • I love the Noah's Ark, but Rhys got the pirate ship last year so didn't see the point in 2 boats, though my mum got mixed up with which one she'd got and bought him a set of animals to go with it thinking it was Noah's Ark lol
  • I haven't heard of the Happyland stuff so I can't comment on that but my dd has the Little People Farm and she loves it. I think they are great little chunky figures that she can easily play with, she got it for her first birthday in January and has been playing with it ever since.
  • Little People tends to be 1-4 age where Happyland is 18months -3 or 4 (can't remember lol) but perhaps people prefer Happyland because it seems to be for 'older' babies. (That's a genuine point btw not trying to come across as bitchy just in case I do lol)

    I think they're pretty much the same tbh. Oscar got the Little People Petting Zoo and loves it. He's also getting some Happyland figures for Christmas. He was going to get the Happyland pirate ship and island cove as it was half price in Debenhams over the weekend (??22.50) but saw a similar ship in The Entertainer for ??10 so got that instead - just to throw another type into the mix lol

    I'll buy whichever is cheaper tbh as the quality seems pretty similar between the two but don't have a preference between them x
  • I think it might be that we favour happyland because ELC is in the town centre, and so we pass it quite a lot when we're shopping and doing other stuff like going swimming, so we go in there regularly and have a browse (oh ok, I admit it, I find it hard to leave without buying something lol!). Whereas Fisher Price are stocked locally in Toys R Us which is on a retail park which we have to get in the car and make a more concerted effort to go to - we never seem to just pass it and pop in,

    Which is why lo has the Happyland funfair (my personal favourite) and the village set with the cottage and shops and the fold up mat for Christmas!
  • I'd never heard of happyland till last year when my friend said she wanted her daughter to have it so i went for a look and loved it. Also looked at the little people stuff and ..well it just didn't look as nice tbh. There seems to me to be a much much better range of stuff in the happyland range, and you can do more with it and I think it'll last him longer (my friends eldest age 5 still plays with cole's happyland when she comes over, and she plays with her little sisters happyland too)

    I also like it cause its the same size as the other elc range of stuff (pirate ship, castle and the girly stuff - not that we have a girl but if we did int he future...) which means that the toys can all be played with together and interchange without frustration. I also like that hte happyland cars fit in the ELC garage cole has and that the magnetic elc cars he has are the same size as the happyland cars so they'll all fit on the fold up mat road when he gets it for christmas.

    I think Jemma is right about the happyland being for older babies (its 18 months - 4 years) - I know what you mean and it doesn't sound bitchy - cole didn't play with his quite so much when he first got it for his 1st birthday but as he's got older he plays with it more, but my goddaughter who's 6 months younger than cole got loads for her 1st birthday and she has to play with it every day or she gets grumpy lol.

    One of the big things that made us choose it is that it has a good age range on it and is still playable with by kids older than 4. With cole's birthday being just before christmas we only get one toy influx a year so when we are picking stuff or suggesting stuff for people to buy we want to make sure we get stuff that is either a bit old for him to grow into or that will last a while. Hope that makes sense and people know what I mean.

    Happyland fan over here lol
  • we have some of each, tbh i prefer happy land to little people. they are similar quality, but happy land seems to have a bit more choice and the people seem a bit more real and i think that the houses are better too. my 2 always pick they happy land over the little people when we get them all out. phoebe who is nearly 5 still really likes the happy land stuff and her and freya play really nicely with it together, little people just seem a little bit more babyish and they have lost their apeal a bit with phoebe.

    so i am a deffinate happy land fan. xx
  • happyland is cuter.
  • I hadnt heard of happyland until I read it on hear and only just realised what lp are from reading this post
    I just went and compared the animal farm and fire station.
    I think the lp is good for younger chidlren as they are chunky. But I personally prefer happy land as its for older children and should last longer.

    Happyland is more colourful with a variety of characters and I personally feel the buildings are more realistic and modern.
    Hubby and I like to buy things that are long lasting through several ages with more than one purpose. I remember the dog from little people when I was a child, but I think I will join the fans of happy land
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