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Could you please help me with car seats?

My son is just over 8 months, but is above the weight of his car seat which I wasnt too worried about but he is now too tall for it and his head reaches the top (it is actually over but we have removed the bum padding at the suggestion of the shop). We bought a travel system from Mamas&Papas when he was born and got and isofix base from there too.

We went back to mamas&papas and have put a deposit for their next car seat 9mths - 4yrs (waiting for it to come into stock), this was because I didn't really want to buy a new isofix (the woman in shop said we can only use it with their car seats).

However now I am having second thoughts as it is front facing and I didn't really want him front facing just yet. I am surprised that Mamas&Papas dont have a rear facing next seat (they used to) and the girl in the shop said it is just as safe, but she would say that and it contradicts everything I have read. :roll:

So....what would you do in my situation and please can you let me know what car seats you bought and why? ie. reviews, price, etc :\?

Just to add he isn't over the weight!! I have just checked image

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  • Hi hun,we kept Pepi in rear facing one umtil she was 20 months old-it was easy as we had Jane Matrix that goes up to 13 kg and she is still just about 10 kg at 23 months today.I also felt she was better protected and did not want to change,but she was getting increasingly unhappy.We now have Recaro Young Sport which all of us,including Pepi,absolutely love,and it goes from 9 kg to 11 years,there is an insert for younger babies.After we bought it it was rewarded Mother and Baby mag Best Buy Award so we are quite happy about that too.I am not an expert,but I think it offers an excellent protectiuon,although it does not recline much,so come to think of it,maybe not so good for you.But it does say 9 kg and up.I would definitely recommend it.
  • We have the group 1 rear facing car seat. It has plenty of leg room and she can see out the window as its taller than the baby car seats (like sitting in a train really when you face the opposite direction. Instead of the front window she can look ou t the back window.
    t is a britax multi tech, so we can have it rear facing and forward facing. If you would prefer a rear facing one now, you might want to look into this one. As you ahve the option to have it forward facing if you want to when your lo is older. I dont no what the upper limit weight is but i know its at least 4 years.
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