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Totaly, completely and utterly o/t - sunglasses!

I've posted this in baby, toddler and pregnancy to get as many opinions as possible!

I've recently decided to stop wearing contact lenses completely, I was wearing them so infrequently that it wasn't worth paying for them any more. In the summer I live in sunglasses though so I'm going to have to buy a pair of prescription sunglasses. Now, I'm stupidly shortsighted so my lenses are expensive and it seems daft to put them in cheap frames that I'll get fed up of quickly so I want a really nice pair of designer sunglasses, but which ones? :\? I've just had a look and I am completely and tottaly overwhelmed and can't decide where to start. My budget is ??200 absolute maximum for the frames and they need to be plastic frames to take the lenses, and big enough to hide behind to keep me happy. Can anyone point me in the direction of styles that they really love to get me started? Pretty please image


  • Hi, it's so hard to pick good sunglasses and i don't havethe added stress of getting prescription ones !

    I would go to optician and ask which frames you can get tinted lenses in. I went with hubby recently and some styles were OK but some they said wouldn't take the tinted lense.

    I've got a few really good pairs between ??150-200 but Archie just pulled them off my face so I ended up in a cheap pair from Topshop ! S x
  • Unfortunatley my opticians has a crap selection of sunglasses! I *think* I've found a pair I like online at a specialist place, I've spoken to them on the phone about my prescription and they don't think it will be a problem, apparantly huge great plastic frames are the best for prescription sunglasses as you don't need to have the ultra thin lenses, which won't take the tint. It's so complicated!!! I've always had cheapy ones before so I need to make sure these are perfect if I'm spending big money :lol:
  • dont ever let your los get hoold of them! A friends lo broke hers and without knowing my lo had mine she broke mine! Thankfully they were cheap but nice palstic ones!

    I know this isnt your question, but you mention you are short sighted. Im guessing your sight cant be that bad if you dont wear them much? I wear contat elnses 24/7 so dont need the hassle of taking them in and out and i just buy cheap sunglasses!

  • Noooooo, I'm as blind as a bat :lol: I've stopped wearing my contact lenses because they were too much hassle, I have a stronf astigmatism as well so I can't wear the continual wear ones, or even daily disposibles as they aren't available in my prescription. I have to wear my glasses all the time as I can't see past the end of my nose without them!
  • Hmmm hun I have a really silly prescription for glasses/sunglasses as I too and like you stopped wearing contacts because they are too much of a faff and overpriced because of my poor sight- am as blind as bat too and have astigmatism.

    I got my sunglasses mainly for driving and "thought" it would be OK to go for big frames to cover the thickness of the lenses but honestly I hate wearing them because they make my eyes look like milk bottles image so I generally only wear them in the car (on my own) and if I'm at home in the garden!I was so disapointed. Hubby has lovely Ray Bans which he did get with the thinner lenses and I am so

    Fortunately tho mine didn't cost me the earth as when I got my glasses you could have sunglasses for half price and as I didn't go for the thinner lenses they didn't bulk up the price. If your going to be wearing them all the time in summer I would really make sure you will be comfortable looking a bit sorry to say it but odd- even Lily thinks Mummy looks funny in her sunnies!lol Also maybe look at different opticians D&A which I use have some good offers on atm and I'm sure others do. Sorry no help with styles- will try and find a pic with mine so you can see what I mean although you have to promise not to laugh!lol

  • Hmmm, now I'm even more confused :lol: the ones I've found do have thinner lenses but they are only thinner, not ultra thin like in my nomal glasses,apparantly the ultra thin lenses won't take the tint you need for sunglasses. I have a long history of milkbottle glasses so I don't really want to go back there :lol: I would be really interested to see a pic if you don't mind, I promise not to laugh as I'm sure I have far worse pictures, although fortunately not on the computer!!!

    Thats the link there you should be able to view it...pic doesn't make them look so bad (probably why its on fb!) but you kind of get the gist. Didn't mean to make the decision harder just if I had known I would have got thinner lenses- maybe the ones you have been looking at would be OK if you can get them with slightly thinner lenses and not the ultra thin.x
  • Don't worry about making it harder, I'd rather know now than after I've spent ??300 on them!!! Tbh I don't think yours look that bad, I can see what you mean but I think I would be ok with that, and if they are thinner I think they would be ok. Do you know roughly what your prescription is? I'm just trying to compare. These are the ones I'm liking at the minute, sunglasses/bvlgari/bvlgari bv 8058b but in brown, but I think I need to try some on first! Buying cheapy ones for over my contacts was much easier :lol:
  • Ooo wow I like them they are lush! I don't know it off the top of my head probably have my last prescription somewhere will ask Matt when he gets in- he files all the paper work!I would definately try some tho but me likey the ones you have found already!x
  • not putting a tint on super thin lenses in a load of sh!t :lol: sorry but it is, whoever told u that is talking crap...come and see me at work and i'll sort you out with a great pair image
  • Now I'm really confused!!! 2 different opticians have told me the same thing today. I can have a dark sunglasses tint on 1.6 lenses, or 1.67, but not on the 1.74 lenses I have in my regular glasses? You are too far away image otherwise I'd be there like a shot :lol:
  • we've tinted 1.8 before, hmmm we have our own lab tho so it might be that these opticians don't and it's not cost effective for them or something? x
  • Not sure, one of them was a branch of D&A, so I suppose it might just be compnay policy but the other one was a independant, and I think they had their own lab. Gahhhh, wish my eyes worked, would make life much simpler!
  • you really wouldn't need 1.74's in a full plastic frame tho and there's some REALLY nice designer ones around at the moment x
  • That's kind of what I was thinking, I think 1.6's would be fine in the frames I'm looking at cos they are pretty chunky so you shouldn't be able to see the lenses (not like in the glasses I had when I was younger :lol: )
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