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Booste seats/Highchairs

I hate my high chair so am on the look out for somethin new. My lo is 17 months old so don't really wanna bother buyin another highchair as i won't get my money's worth out of it.

So wot do your los sit in to eat? any recommendations plz?

I've seen an inflatable travel booster seat, not sure whether this wud b any good for everyday use tho?

Thanks xx


  • i've got a totseat ( and both lo and I love it!!
    We can take it anywhere and it fits in a little bag, easy shoved in washing machine and lo feels like a member of the family sitting with us at the table.

    you can buy them on line or I got mine from john lewis
  • We've got an old hand me down but I definitely recommend one with a removable tray. Oscar and I try and eat together at the table (without the tray) but for breakfast I put the tray on and he eats off that so I can potter about in the kitchen sorting things out for the day etc
  • We have a fisher price booster seat and both my 2yr old and my 10month old love it. It's very portable and easy to clean. We have the rainforest one, but my mum has the normal type which is great, hers has a tray, with a white tray inside the normal one, very handy if you forget to wipe one down for the next meal time, you just take the top tray off x x
  • Claire a belle I have a tot seat as well, i agree its fab! V useful, but our chairs at home aren't the right height for her to reach the table.

    I like the sound of the rainforest 1 tho.

    Thanks ladies! x
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