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Do any of you use a small car? Which one do you have and how do like it? I'm looking at changing my car this year and, due to the credit crunch, I'm trying to save a little bit of money. Thanks.


  • I have a Toyota Corrolla and have had it for 6 years and I don't mind it at all. It is only 3 door and to be honest I don't find it any difference with Kara. 5 door yes is handier but I find it no bother. The boot is a good size and my pram fits into it no problem. It is the SIlver Cross 3d pram so it is a pretty big one as well.
  • I've got a C3 which is really good - quinny buzz fits in easily with the wheels off and a fair amount of leg room in the back. Fuel consumption is good and servicing is every 20,000 miles or 2 years which some makes such as renault don't do any more. They aren't the best car in the world but it's functional, cheaper than many other cars of similar size and wears pretty well.
  • isnt the matiz the one that got the worst safety review when it was a daewoo...?

    I used to have a yaris, which was great apart from the boot size - you would prob only fit a small fold up buggy in it and that is with it extended fully.
    Next time we can afford a scond ccar I'd really like an aygo, or the equally small citroen... I like small cars and am dreading having to drive our family one - its a meriva so still small but big enough for everything! :lol:

  • we used to have a corsa which was great, and fuel consumption is good on the small engine sizez, it fit my mammas and pappas aria in but then we had to get a double pram and a new car!heehee, weve now got a vectra and they are massive!
  • Actually the yaris is surprising on the boot! My friend has one and she has 3 kids and the boot will fit either the double buggy or the pram - its not a small one - its one of the graco ones suitable from birth. Doesn't fit anything else in mind but she reckons she can still fit 3 kids, the pram and a weekly shop in the car,

    As for the matiz- i had a daewoo matiz as a courtesy car once and i'm not surprised that it has bad safety was horrid to drive and felt like it was going to tip over.

    My mate has a fiat panda and whilst its not a huge boot its as big as the yaris and it is a 4 door car so not so bad for car seats.

    Mum had a corsa, or was it a peugot 106- either way its the same car pretty much and she changed to a honda jazz cause she couldn't be doing with getting cole ina nd out the car seat in it and that was only occasionally lol!
  • is that one of the new yaris's? they look like they've got a bigger boot on them image I struggled to get a weekly shop into my boot (old model one) and there was only me the dog and three cats to feed then. :\(
  • Ah yeah its probably one of the new ones. I wouldn't fit my weekly shop into the boot of that one tbh,
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