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Not sure if where we need to put a stairgate is going to be safe so I figured i'd pick you guys brains in case anyone has had a similar situation - or can tell me how likely older kids are to get over the stairgates!

We will need to put the stairgate on the second from top step. This is because the top step isn't original to the house and the bannister rail thing is by the second step - there is no way to anchor a gate to the top step. Putting a gate across the landing isn't practical really either because a) its too narrow where it would need to go and b) it would mean cutting off the bathroom by the stairgate which would be no good when we are in the bathroom

Problem is putting one on the second step will mean there is still a step drop

Anyone had a similar situation? Or escape artist kids who can get over a gate - is it possible for a 2 or 3 year old to get over gates? I'm assuming once they hit 4ish they'll understand safety more - just going by my friends 4 year old there.

Other than that i have a bad feeling i'll have to spend more money on buying a taller dog gate just to get the hieght or forking out on one of those expensive roller ones which i don't think will solve my problem.


  • A stairgate wouldn't fit properly at the top of our stairs so we haven't bothered with one there. But we have put a gate across Lily's doorway. If I need to do anything upstairs I just put her in her bedroom and she can run around but I know she can't get out. She's still in her cot bed at night, but when she moves to a proper bed I 'll just start closing the gate on a night too.

    Don't think I would actually trust having a gate on the 2nd step 'cos as you say it's still a step down and LO could still fall against it.
  • we have a similar problem but with the bottom of our stairs, our gate is on the second stair as if it was on the 1st we wudnt be able to get the pram out of the house and we figured that a one stair drop isnt as bad as a whole flight of stairs, so maybe its worth putting yours up even tho it does miss a few stairs? xxx
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