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citreon saxo and britax evolva123

hi! my sister has got a citreon saxo and been looking for a carseat for my 2year old

we have been on the britax fit finder and it says the evolva is the best fit we have reserved one but i just want to know) if anyone has a citreon saxo and the evolva for peace of mind?? im sure the fit finder is reliable im just double checking,,,,??

(i panic and i am also impatient!! lol)


  • This probably isn't what you want to hear but from my experience the fit finder is next to useless. We were going to buy a Britax First class SI (I think, the one that face backwards as well) and according to Britax it was a good fit in both our cars. When we tried it at mothercare it was awful, it moved so much that if we had cornered a bit fast the seat would have fallen over. Even worse the lady at mothercare also said it fitted ok!! I'm sure your's will be fine, but I would get it double checked just to be sure.
  • I've always found the fit finder to be good - we have the britax first class Si and it shows up right for our car (fitted at mothercare) and I've checked it for the other cars we've put the seat in too and its always fitted fine. My parents also got the britax first class si too for their cars and had it fitted in mothercare and the fit finder worked there too. My mum used to have a saxo before she decided 3 doors was a pain int he bum when having Cole and got a 5 door car lol!

    Its definately worth going to mothercare or halfords though and getting it properly checked then they'll show you how to do it right. Mind you the fitter at mothercare didn't recommend the evolva to my parents (i'd suggested it as it'd last) as it doesn't recline (or doesn't recline much - forget which) and he didn't rate it when he had one for his grandson - it was fine till he napped and then it seemed really insecure for his head when it lolled over. Cole was a lot younger than your lo at the time though.

    Bedhead - just a thought - when they fitted the si at mothercare they could have used the wrong routing for the seatbelt - it has 2 ways to do it depending on your car - we have an escort and have to use the alternate route. Typical..we get a car that doesn't fit many car seats lol
  • Nope, they fitted it the right way, it was just a rubbish fit :lol: It was ok forward facing but we needed to use it rear facing. We think that it might have been because Britax tested it on standard seats, and both our cars have leather sports seats as an option so they are a different shape. Could see why Brittax got it wrong, but think the mothercare fitter needed shooting!
  • Ah I see. ANd yes, the mothercare fitter needed shooting... they shouldn't tell you something is safe when it isn't. The one at our nearest mothercare is really good - we got our seat when Cole was 7 months and still in his rearfacing seat and he even checked the fit in the rearfacing seat to make sure it was put in properly and he said he always does just in case. That was when we found out we were meant to tighten the seatbelt up every so often as they work loose.
  • thank you for your replies it turned out it fitted perfectly i was stressing over nothing!! taa muchly though ladies x

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