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Anyone with a Tripp Trapp?

Hi everyone hope you are all well, I wondered if any Tripp Trapp users here have had any problems with them tipping backwards? Neve has worked out how to push herself away from the table and sometimes when she does it the whole highchair tips back - enough to concern me that she could definately send it competely over soon. She eats on a mess mat so the floor should be slippy enough to slide back but the weighting means it seems to tip.

Has anyone else come across this?



  • I've got a Tripp Trapp for each of my two, not had them long but we've had no problems, even with Barney who thinks it is funny to try and push himself accross the kitchen :roll: I've just been and had a play and I can't actually get ours to tip at all pushing them straight back, I wonder if Neve is maybe managing to push up on the table as well as backwards? Not sure what to suggest tbh.
  • Just engaged my brain properly and realised that the weight will be different if there is a child in the chair, could you maybe try lowering the seat slightly so the centre of gravity is lower? That might be enough just to stop it tipping.
  • Good thinking batman, will get my allan key out tonight when houdini goes to bed!

    Thanks Bedhead!

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