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Has anyone got the Maxi Cosi Tobi? (also in baby)

I think we are going to get this car seat when my little girl gets too big for her Maxi Cosi Cabriofix as when we went to Halfords its the one thats the best fit in our car. The only thing thats worrying me is I've been reading some reviews on it and they are very mixed....some people love it and some hate it! The ones that hate it seem to have the problem of the child being able to wriggle their arms out of the straps which is very worrying! I couldn't really tell though from the reveiws if this was a problem Maxi Cosi know about and have now solved with a newer model which is what it sounded like someone was suggesting had happened.

So has anyone here got this seat and if you have are you pleased with it.

Many thanks



  • Have replied in baby x
  • Hi, yes we have the Tobi and I think it is great. It is really easy to get lo in and out with the straps sitting proud and I like the fact that it has an indicator to tell you it is tight enough. It is really easy to recline as well, Isabelle hates it being reclined when she is awake and so if she falls asleep I can just lean over (If I am not driving!!) and recline the seat so she is more comfortable.
    We did a lot of research before buying this car seat and in my opinion Maxi Cosi are the best make of car seats (we also had the cabriofix which I thought was great). With the issue of wriggling their arms free, Isabelle did pull one of her arms out once, I am not sure how she did it but they can be pretty wriggly sometimes. Anyway I told her off in a very stern voice that I have never used before with her and she has never done it again, so it is not something I am worried about. She has been in the seat for nearly a year now and we have had no problems with it.

    The cheapest we found it was on Amazon, I think we paid about ??135 for the black one.

  • I have it & love it!
    I have it in Lily pink & it's gorgeous looking & very comfy for baby. I got mine on kiddiecare & it was ??130.

    Ellie wriggles her arms out of everything, buggy, pram, her other car seats in nanny & daddy's cars but i just tighten them on her xx
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