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Anyone have an OLDER Bugaboo? (around 2005 / 2006)

g/c from Pregnancy....

hubby's cousin has offered to loan us her Bugaboo Cameleon - bought in 2005

it's over 4 years old now and has been used for 2 children so i'm struggling to make my mind up.
Obviously I would love to have a new one of my choice (and we have budgeted for buying one new with no problem) i'm just wondering if it's daft to buy a new pram - for me it's between the iCandy Peach, Bugaboo and M&Ps new Mylo

so....does anyone have a Cameleon from around the same time? (2005 / 2006) and have you had any problems with it?

i've heard that the folding mechanism on the older ones was a hassle and that they used to break/go faulty a lot
so - although i love the current version - i'm looking for reviews / opinions on the older versions



  • Hi Hun...Im so glad you graduated really soon! How far are you now? Just aw thought but could you borrow the bugaboo for a while to try it, see if you like the way it works, pushing it, fitting it in car etc and then if you do then buy the new one? Honestly a perfect pushchair can totally change once LO arrives!
  • Totally agree with Mousenose there - you may totally change your mind about what you want from a pushchair once baby is here. (I did!!). Plus, a good pushchair for a newborn is not necessarily the right one for a 6mth old - so the offer of one on loan is a good thing! I would take her up on her offer, and re-evaluate once baby is here.

    Good luck!

  • aw thanks mousenose image i was incredibly lucky to get my bfp on first proper month of TTC! so i'm 16+5 today

    i think you girls are right - i will see if i can borrow it for a couple of months and if i dont like it then i can buy one i do like

    no harm in trying it and i guess there's no real rush to get the "perfect" pram before baby arrives if i have an alternative
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