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anyone seen/used this buggy add on??


  • Are you being mega organised and planning ahead or is the something you want to tell us lol!!

    I have heard of these but never seen one, I just googled it and found these reviews on amazon:-

    "I bought a buggypod for my 2 year old son when I was pregnant with my 2nd child. It was quite straight forward to fit and mY son looked quite comfortable in it when we were out and about. It did make the pushchair quite difficult to push but I was expecting that, but what I wasn't expecting was that on the way home from the park one day it should snap off while my little boy was in it! Causing him to land on the pavement still strapped into his buggypod! Luckily, he was not serioulsy hurt, just very shaken. I then had to carry him home as he had grazed his knee and was understandably very upset. I called the company who makes the buggy pod and they were not at all bothered that their product had broken and caused my son harm. Please do not risk putting your child in a buggy pod, if this happened on a busy road the result could be more serious. STAY CLEAR OF THIS PRODUCT!!! "
    "We bought one of these over a year ago, I have a two and a three year old. The fixing kit is rubbish. The cable ties are impossible to get tight. We had a similar problem in that it deposited our then 2 year old face forward onto the floor.

    We now tie the buggy pod onto our Maclaren using shoelaces, so long as you ALWAYS use the top strap on the Buggy pod it's fine. However, the pushchair is a pig to steer as it is pulled to one side all the time.

    I have no idea how this company can sell something like this that is so dangerous. You'd be better off with a double pushchair."

    It does look a bit flimsy though, and pricey too. Think I would want to have a good look at one before I decided whether to buy or not xx
  • thanks Liz that's REALLY helpful I will keep looking and see if I can see anything different - REALLY don't want to change to a doubler!

  • oooo i was getting excited then!!!x
  • I checked these out and decided against them! Too many bad reviews!
    When Gracie was born, Alfs was 2y2m and we didn't get a double or anything as he walked beautifully with a pram. What we did buy was a seat to go thing, with 2 steps, one to stand on, one to sit on. he loves 'his pram' but I only use it when on my own down town. He walks everywhere else or when Chez's with us.
    And I got excited too lol.
  • you december lot are a bad influence!!! :lol:
  • you december lot are a bad influence!!! :lol:
  • how about a buggy board? xx
  • yeah I know about buggy boards but wanted something for him to sit on and me not to have to stand so far back from buggy and lean over him - just browsing really as no.2 is not even on the way yet :lol: !
  • how about one of these its a board and a seat

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