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recommend a stroller pleze!

hiya,can anyone recommend a cheapish stroller for my lo as he is very tall im thinking of one for around ??60 or under but dont want it to look to small coz hes nearly 2.....thanks.xx:\(


  • I'd recommend any Maclaren stroller,they last quite a while and are reasonable in price.
  • thanks going to look at some thisaft its just i got a mothercare urbun detour and the footplate is almost the same level as the seat so it makes his legs spread open and i dont like it also were going on our hols and need something a buggar for trying to find the right pushchairs..lolx
  • ive got a mothercare umbrella buggy and my lo still sits in it, it was about ??55 incl all the extras ands my lo is 2 1/2 x
  • hiya ive just got a chicco cto.6 stroller and im really chuffed with it it was ??50 inc p&p and comes with everything.x
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