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Happyland Bargain!!!!

Debenhams have a sale online started today and you can get the Happyland village play set for ??35, reduced from ??70!!!!! image Bargain! Have picked one up for my lo's birthday in January. Check there website also have teh cherry lane cottage at ??20. xxx


  • Wow! That's a fantastic bargain, I'm done for this year though, so thinking spread cost for next year(!!!!!!!!!!!!) lol, would a 3yr old boy like it do you think?
  • no way just spent 50 and thought we had a bargain lol well done!!
  • Is it only online do you know?
  • Online starts from today and in store from tomorrow to Saturday. So if your store has them in then same deal. Could sell out fast tho! There's also lots of other toys with 25% off. My lo is 1 in January, so we have bought happyland for him to grow into. Heard lots of good things about it and at that price I had to get it early! Theres also no postage and packaging charge online. xx
  • Well.,,....... I've been very naughty and bought it as I know little people in and out houses will be a great developmental thing, but I think I'm going to save it, just at that price I couldn't resist.
    Decided to do it online so I'd not have to lug it and lo around town but there was a delivery charge..... I didn't spend over ??80 bellah tsk tsk lol

    now going to lock all my cards away and go 'non' shopping with my eyes n ears closed!!
  • I just got The cottage for my Lo's B'day next October lol!! Thank you xx
  • ha ha you caught be out there!! I just couldn't resist a few pairs of skinny jeans too image When I see Sale I just tend to go mad, so don't save that much money in the end! :lol:
  • i want one but have no money gonna try convince sis to put it on her credit card for me x
  • i want one but have no money gonna try convince sis to put it on her credit card for me x
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