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Hauck Traxx Pushchair - Help Please!

Have decided to get a new pushchair - have a Mamu 3 wheeler at the moment but it's not very good and keeps tipping over - and I am struggling! Can't afford too much, but don't want to be a cheapskate either! Philip is 19months old, weighs 30lb and is about 88cm (at the moment!)

Have been looking at the Hauck Traxx Parador and wondered if anyone has this and what they make of it? Also seen a Chelsea Baby pushchair which looks quite good too, but have never heard of this make at all!

Would really love a Baby Jogger City Mini but the money tree doesn't like the price of that one!!!!

Any help, advice or recommendations gratefully recieved!!!!




  • Hey

    I've got the Mamas and Papas Ora pushchair for Harrison, he's 27 months and he loves it, and it wasn't really expensive either.

    The shoulder straps aren't connected to the backrest of the pushchair though, so they do have a lot of freedom. A lot of people panic about the child falling out, but Harrison never has, and my 14 month old niece has the M&P Luna which has the same harness system and she has never fallen out, even though she moves a lot. Both my niece and Harrison love their pushchairs, but I prefer the Ora as it was a lot cheaper. It's lovely to push, has plenty of room for the child, it has a reasonable sized basket on the bottom which holds plenty of shopping image I have had about 7 prams/pushchairs in 2 years and this is by far my favorite, I can't sing its praises enough, lol.

  • I've got to agree with Sammi - the Ora is ace, we've had one for 6 months and I can't praise it enough. It's well made, incredibly easy to push and a good price. Actually need to advertise mine this week because bump is due in 11 weeks and we've bought a Phil & Teds, just cant justify keeping the Ora and a lightweight one too image sadly!
    Have a look on EBay, there are a few brand new ones listed for a good price. It's ??131 in Argos at the moment xx
  • Prob far to late for you, but we thought we would take a risk and brought a brand new Chelsea baby pushchair/carry cot from a well know auction site. and its fantastic, turns on a sixpence is light as a feather, the only thing i would say is there is no adjustable foot rest, but ample room in seat and its quite far off the ground compared to Maclarens stroller style etc, we have the 4 wheel version it great, air tyres make such a difference, good luck!!!!
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