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play kitchens-any suggestions?

hey girlies

little bit early but i am thinking about christmas already!

really want to get Evie a play kitchen she will be 23 months, any good suggestions on which one to get?
looking at probably max spend of ??150



  • I spied this in ELC catalogue.,default,pd.html

    Love it! It's from 3 years though :/
  • We have that red retro kitchen from elc and we got it last Christmas when max was just 2 and it is FAB v sturdy and indestructible and it's been a fav toy played with every day!
  • Tegan has the step 2 lifestyle custom kitchen and it is fab, we got it from toyrs r us for ??99.99 it came wirh accessories and stove makes cooking sounds. I cannot fault it anyway, both of mine climb on it and everything and it still looks as good as new after being played with everyday since last xmas. my sister also had one-she had hers for 5/6 years with her 4 children and it wore really well.

  • We also have the red retro kitchen (bought for coles 2nd birthday) and its great. The instructions to put it together are dead easy, its very sturdy (I've stood on it lol), and it is good for storing everything away neatly. Cole loves it, and any other kids that have been round play on it too,

    If you get the muller little stars yoghurts they have 20% off vouchers - well worth it - and if you go for this one I'd recommend orderin git early - last October I went to ask about it and they told me 'order it now before we run out' cause apparently they were out of stock by november.. so I panicked and did lol.

    They were definately out of stock cause mine was slightly faulty (but usable) and i had to wait a while for the replacement.

    I'd definately recommend this one - it looks really nice as well as being sturdy - doesn't look bad having ti stuck in the corner of the lounge

  • We are thinking about getting the Step 2 Lifestyle Custom kitchen so great to get a review on it Hannahmummyto2. Read loads of positive reviews on it so far. They were on offer at amazon for ??70 but gone back to ??100 now. It is available from Tesco though and you can double up your clubcard vouchers at the mo so will use those towards it.
  • I have been away so I'm coming to this post really late, sorry.

    I bought lo a kitchen for Christmas last year. I bought three separate pieces and they were manufactured by Big Jigs. I bought them online and can't remember the retailer, but if you google them, I'm sure they'll come up.

    I can't recommend them highly enough. The pieces were ??65 each, and I bought a washing machine, sink and cooker. We have had the most play out of the cooker and sink, so I'd recmmend those more than the washing machine tbh.

    The quality is great - they have been moved around lots, taken in the garden etc and they have really withstood a battering.

    There is lots of storage in them too, so I have put lo's kettle, toaster, mixer, fruit and ve etc in the sink unit, and he has his wooden birthday cake and pizza in the oven.

    E-mail me if you'd like more info as I don't come on BE a huge amount anymore.

    Good luck with your choices!
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