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toys storage

I'm trying to find some nice shelves/storage for cole's millions of new toys - i know what I want and its doing my head in cause I can't find one!!

I want something with those storage bins at the bottom for toys, and shelves on the top for books - my friend has one and she got it from blooming marvellous but their website has been down for the last week so I can't look and I've looked everywhere else I can think of.

Something kind of like this|category_root|Home+and+furniture|10197552/c_2/2|cat_10197552|Children%27s+furniture|10197719/c_3/3|cat_10197719|Children%27s+storage+and+toyboxes|10197727.htm
but with proper shelves rather than those rubbish slot things that don't hold anything and Cole won't be able to get his books out of, and there is no way that 2 slots will hold all his books. It looks like 3 slots but according to the reviews it isn't.

I've tried argos, ebay, littlewoods, vertbaudet, kiddicare and I'm sure a couple of others that have slipped my mind right now!

Before I go insane with the clutter of toys... does anyone know where I can find one of these shelves???


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