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Help with car seat for an older prem baby. (Also in prem)

Hi all. Lydia is now almost one but still only weighs 16lb 14oz. My problem is that she is currently in a car seat which is rear facing. The manufactur guidelines say she can go forward facing at 20lb. My problem is that she no longer physically fits in it comfotably- she can't straighten her legs. Asked my health visitor today and she suggested distracting her with a toy! From her previous weight gain it'll be another six months before she reaches 20lb. Has anyone any suggestions or been in this position? X

** Just re read my original post and don't think I made myself very clear. Lydia is no longer able to sit in a rear facing car seat as her legs touch the seat. Was hoping she would have put on enough weight today so that I could turn her around so that she is forward facing and her legs would be free. **
Hope this makes abit more sense?!

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  • Hi hun, I will not be much help,but I was in a similar position.Pepis legs were all squashed against the back seat ,she was uncomfortable and very unhappy,yet at 18 months still well below the 9 kg mark when u can change them forward facing.I was swaying towards changing her anyway,then I read that in case of an accident,if their legs dont fit,they will break their legs,but if they are bellow 9 kg and forward facing they will break their necks.That did it for me and I waited.Maybe u could go to Halfords or somewhere and try different makes of seats to see if she gets more space in some?We had Jane Matrix Cup though that is meant to be ok from birth till 13 kg,yet she could not fit in it legwise properly since quite an early age,and now at 2 yares she is 10 kg and there is no way she would fit.Good luck hun,I hope u wiill be ok.
  • Most babies are actually too tall to be able to straighten their legs in the seat long before they are ready to go forward facing. I know it looks un-comfy, but like Sooky says it's far safer than turning them forward facing, not least because the forward facing seats rely on the weight of the lo to help trigger the seatbelts correctly in an accident. Both my two used to sit with their legs crossed in their infant carriers so it might be worth trying that to see if she is comfier?
  • Thanks that is really helpful to know. Think we will nip to Halfords tomorrow and see if any offer more leg room as a rear facing seat. The last thing I want to risk is her safety xx
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