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Anyone with a Phil & Teds Vibe?

Hi Ladies, just wondered if anyone had one of these? I think this is what I will be trading my beloved Bugaboo in for and have seen that I would be able to re use my Maxi Cosi car seat with the adapter frame you can buy for the pram, which would save me some money. Am wondering if anyone has this and what they think of the Vibe in general?



  • Hi

    i have the vibe. I do really like and it is very easy to push even with two. it's easy to get through doorways etc. the only issues i have with it is that the frame is quite easily scratched, There is not a lot of space or places to put shopping when you have two in it, I still haven't mastered being able to fold it down with the other seat on the back (but it's easy enough just to take it off and collapse it).
  • Thanks for your reply, do you mind if I ask what accessories you would remommend to go with it?
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