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FAO Lara n Chloe - Baby jogger city mini


i saw from another post that you have this stroller. i've been thining of getting one as i've had three pushchairs that I hate!!! I was just wondering if you'd mind telling me what it's like? One of my concerns is that I saw a review that says it doesn't sit LO forward enough so they are always straining to see out. Do you find this a problem? Also is it quite sturdy despite being lightweight??

i've found one on-line for 185 with free rain cover on-line.

any comments would be much appreciate. many thanks image) sorry post not v long but am at work and know this is being monitored!!!!



  • i have the city mini double and i also love this pram and i dont have any trouble with how forward the seats go,even the double is very light and easy to push and you may not need the raincover as when you pull the hood down it nearly covers half of the child up,there brilliant and if you havent seen the pram fold up then that will sell you the pram :lol:


    p.s sorry to gatecrash
  • Thank you both so much for responding. I must admitt it does look pretty fab on line. I think you're right though and i should go and try one out. i know they have them at babyworld - which is only about 30 mins from me.

    I find it really annoying that they can't just give you the price on line. i hate it when they try to sell you EVERYTHING over the phone!!! Maiya weighs two stone now at 18 months and is is as tall as most 2- 2.5 year olds!!! definitely need something that's a dream to push.

    Thanks again. i always think it's best to get a recommendation and there is just so much choice (not to mention the ??500 odd i've already wasted on the ones i hate!!!).

  • Just sticking my opinion in as well image
    We don't have one of these but some friends do and I borrowed it recently when we were on holiday with them. I absolutely loved it. Barney is well over 2 stone at 19 months and a really big, chunky lad, and he seemed really comfy in it. It's easy to push, sturdy and has some really well thought out bits (like the big hood) Only thing I would say is that for how I use a pushchair it would have been better with bigger air filled tyres, but other than that I thought it was great. If you are going to be using it off road I think they do make a version with the bigger wheels as well.
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