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double buggy / buggy board advice please

My daughter has 2 sons age 3 months and 2 and a quarter years. When the 2nd one she arrived she bought an Obaby tandem pushchair but the foot rest has snapped and as Boots don't stock them anymore they gave her a refund. As Joshua walks really well, and likes to walk, she is thinking of getting a new single pushchair and a buggy board - so my first question is to anyone who has a buggy board - what do you think of them and can you give us any advice please?
Rhianne watches Cally for me one day a week when I am at work and will need a double buggy for that day. We have offered to buy one, maybe 2nd hand, but funds are low at the moment and storage would also be a problem. I remember seeing some clips in a baby magazine once that you use to clip 2 strollers together to make them into a double buggy. Has anyone seen these? Are they only for certain strollers? Does anyone know where I could find them?
Thanks in advance for your help ladies.
Alison xx


  • Heya, most strollers are the same size so you can use the clips, i bought a double buggy as when were out for a good bit i know david is goin to get tired, and he even got tired standling on the buggy board i bought, he doesnt like standing on it much and i thought it was a waste of money, but each to there own, you can find the clips on kiddicare website image

  • Thank you - will have a look. I did tell Rhianne that Joshua may not want to walk as much in winter as he has in summer, and warned her she will not be able to fasten him down - he is a terror for wanting to be off in shops etc. If I was her I would probs get another double buggy, but I know she would love a new single pushchair for Jayden and can't afford both.
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