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O/T Sunglasses again!!

I'm still on my sunglasses hunt, I think I've found some frames, although not the ones I originally wanted as they can't put my lenses in, so now I just need to sort out the lenses!

Does anyone have sunglasses with transitions lenses in them, the ones that get darker in sunlight? If you do how do you find them? I'm thinking they might be a good idea so I don't have to keep changing my glasses if I go inside, but I'm not sure how well they work. Any opinions would be much appreciated, thank you!!


  • Hiya!
    I'm waiting to hear my son's glasses are in and when I collect I can check with the glasses lady if you want-she's fab!! and should be able to give me an answer as to if it'll work-she's very honest about what will and wont help!! image

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  • I don't have them but my mum does. She hates them. Sorry, lol.

    She only relaly wears them for driving so that she doesn't have to change glasses every time sun dissappears behind some clouds (quite a lot in Edinburgh !)

    But she rarely wears them if she's going to be going in and out of the house etc. She finds that even if the house is bright and sunny they are tinted quite dark. Also if she's out shopping and goes into a shop they are still dark so she ends up taking them off so she can see clothes/colours etc properly.
  • Thank you!
    That was what I was wondering Suz, I thought they would be good for driving, but I wasn't sure if they'd change quick enough to be any use for anything else, sounds like they don't! I think I'll just get normal tinted lenses and when I go inside I'll just leave them on and pretend to be famous :lol:
  • My Dad has some glasses with reactions lenses and tbh we always find it quite amusing that he's sitting at the dinner table in his sunglasses unable to see what he's eating, as they take so long to change back when he comes inside.
    Plus, they really look like sunglasses on all my wedding photos - so my sis made him take them off for hers, but then he didn't look like him! For anything like that you'd probably want your normal glasses.

    I have to agree with Suz, I think they'd annoy you as you'd probably need to take them off for a while when you go inside anyway, so you might as well change them for normal ones - I don't think they'd change whenever the sun goes behind the cloud when you're driving.
  • they don't work for driving hun cuz of the uv filter in the windscreen...there is a special driving tint called drivewear but it's kinda yellow but really does the job well! i can't remember what ur prescription is buttttt they currently don't do transitions for high powers...i know we couldn't do it for a lady that was -9.00!

    oh and the more u pay for the transitions the better they are...we do some that are guaranteed to be clear indoors and dark outdoors as they are heat sensitive as well as light....they are EXCELLENT but pricey! x
  • Thanks hun, I hadn't thought about the UV tint in the windscreen but that makes sense, I definitely need to be able to drive in whatever I buy but they need to look cool as well so I think the transitions and the drivesafe are out!!
    I've never been that bothered about my crap eyes before but they are really starting to annoy me now!! Wouldn't have thought buying sunglasses could be so bloody complicated :lol:
  • I have transitions lenses in my glasses - and wouldnt ever dream of buying any without it now!

    They are brill, maybe they take a little longer to clear than they do to go dark, but i havent noticed it as too much of a problem... but then my glasses did cost me ??300 (just over) so it might be that ive ended up with those heat sensitive ones.. i dont know. i just pick a frame I like, say yes to this and that, tell them that i want the best i can have for a reasonable price and that they must be transition lenses....
    some things I can afford to scrimp on but my glasses are a necessary item and i want them to be the best they can be because my eyes deserve it and are one of the most important parts of me image (my glasses even have moveable/bendable bits so the kids cant break them...)

    As far as I'm aware mine do react whilst driving... maybe not as much as in straight sunlight, but still a bit.... :\?

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