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Yummy Mummy change bag-opionon

Hi Girls

My lo is 6 months now and I would like to treat myself to a yummy mummy change bag...... am I wasting my money ot are they worth there money???? Has he gets older i'm not going to need as much stuff so not sure if i'm wasting my pennies anyone who has one please let me know what you think of yours and if you know of anywhere that sells them cheaply xxx


  • hi, i think that they r so lovely so y not treat urself, even if u use it as a handbag later on down the line. i know they had a sale on a while ago on the website, so maybe worth waiting a bit for the nxt sale? xxx
  • Hi I have 1 and love it! I have a 2 yr old and 3 month old, and it fits there stuff and mine in without being too clumpy! x
  • I love mine but I got it in their sale- ??30 bargain! Not sure I'd spend ??70 on one though but they are beautiful!
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