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does anyone have a QuickSmart easy fold stroller?

Hi, my friend got one last week just to take on holiday but i am looking for a light and easy to push stroller. I love the look of the zia petite star too but when i saw my friends quicksmart i loved it and it folds down soooo small its quite amazing really!
My dd is almost 8 mths old and i have the loola pushchair at the moment which i had for my eldest dd, its just a bit heavy with the seat unit on it to use all the time, i'm using the car seat with it at the moment and its fine but she wants to look around now and can't when she is in the car seat. MY other dd starts pre-school in january and its around a 20 min walk so i want a light stroller that is quite cheap but will last and can be pushed easily with one hand (so i can hold other dd's hand if i need to). I'm worried the quicksmart just won't be sturdy enough.
Any advice?



  • Yes i do, it's ideal for holidays, thats all I use it for as i still love my Mutsy 3 Rider and use it all the time even tho lo is 28 mths,

    It's very light easy to control, easy to fold, well, Dh can do it so i have never learnt!! and fits in the over head locker on a plane, which is handy as it can be a long walk to baggage collection in some airports..

    The only thing that bothers me is the basket is tiny but it's not really a problem.

    Another thing, i got mine off e-bay (bran new) and got it ??30 cheaper than most places.

  • thanks for replying. My husband wants me to get the quicksmart as its cheaper than the petite star so i'll probably get it. The shopping basket might be an issue though as i don't drive and if did get it it obviously doesn't have 2 handles to hang shopping on either like the petite star does. I still don't know really! lol

    Thanks again xxx
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