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FAO Anyone with a quinny zapp

Help please - we are thinking of buying this for our 14 month old but want to ask a few questions first!

How do you find it?
Do you have any problems with lo napping cos it doesn't recline? I am worried about him lolling forward in it and getting uncomfy - also worried about him even falling asleep cos it doesn't recline!
Do you have the bag for underneath the buggy for shopping etc? Is it any good? Looks tiny and I think it would be a waste but might need something?!
Do you have the travel bag to put the buggy in and is it any good?
Does a buggy board fit onto it?

Any other help or advice welcome!!!!

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  • Hi, I have the quinny zapp, we got it when lo was 10 months old, he never had a problem with napping in it and he didnt lol forward at all, he is 22 months now so doesnt sleep in it any more.

    I didnt have a bag for the underneath as they were expensive and tiny and I managed fine without.

    I did have the travel bag as it came as part of the package I bought but tbh it was crap, the buggy only fitted in it if you took off the wheels and took the cozy toes off, I ended up braking the zip on my bag so in my opinion unless it comes free with the pushchair I wouldnt bother.

    Not sure about a buggy board as I never needed to use one but I doubt it would fit as it doesnt have a bar at the back.

    Just incase you are worried about the sleeping position here is a piccy of Isaac asleep in his.

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