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Does anyone know if the car seats for children are by weight or by age? my son is the right weight for the next car seat but is not yet 4. i need to buy a new car seat at some point as his baby brother will be needing the next size up. i can buy a 9 month to 11 years or i can buy a 4 years to 11 years. I'd rather buy the 4 years up as my son is the correct weight for this but just wanted to check whether that is allowed with the new laws??
halfords are having a half price car seat sale so i might be able to ask when i go down.


  • As far as I know with stage 2 seats (4-11) it is the weight and height that are important, not the age. As long as he is tall enough to be safe in the adult belt I would have though it would be fine. We bought our infant carrier from Halfords though and they were really good so I am sure they will be able to advise you xx
  • It goes mainly by weight. As long as he weighs at least 15kg or 33lbs then he should be fine. You will need to check that when he sits on it the seatbelt goes across his body properly but the shop should be able to tell that for you! Good luck!
  • i agree with the other girls think it mostly goes by weight. my lo was a year before she went into the second stage because she hadnt reached the 9kg. even at a year she didnt weigh enough but she was to tall for the chair aso we had to move her but whenever we went in anywhere to ask they said she must be the right weight. if i had waited that long she would have been 14month before we got her to the right
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