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Maclaren Recall on Pushchairs

I have just seen this story on the BBC news website about Maclaren recalling some of their pushchairs. The story is from the US but I am not sure if it is relevant over here as well. As it seems that some children have lost their fingers in the faulty pushchairs I thought it might be better to be safe rather than sorry and so thought I would let you all know.


  • I can't find much either, but am gong to give Mothercare a call in the morning as this is where i got our Maclaren from.
  • I can't find much either, but am gong to give Mothercare a call in the morning as this is where i got our Maclaren from.
  • Hi,

    you can send a request to Maclaren UK for the repair kit. Download the email template here to request the repair kit be made available in the UK.

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  • I saw this on GMTV this morning and Maclaren have made a statement that says its US Maclarens as the EU models have to meet higher standards. They showed the US models folding up and its completely different from the models we get over here.x
  • Personally my lo never has his hands near the hinges when I'm collapsing the pushchair and I intend to keep it that way.

    Apparently it only be harmful when children get fingers right under the hinge and some considerable force is pressed down while folding. I'd like to think I would notice if my childs hand were stuck in the pushchair while I was folding it away. Anyway most of the time he's in the car seat before I collpase the pushchair.

    Also I think it is a bigger issue in America because of the culture to sue. It has happened here, there was a lady on the news last night, and she just put it down as an accident. Americans are too quick to sue the manufacturer so Maclaren had to take action to prevent it.
    Just my opinion. Suz x

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  • tbh, i cant see how the folding mechanism of a maclaren is any different to any other umbrella fold buggy. they are all pretty much the same chassis underneath, just different heights etc. everyone knows that maclaren are the most popular buggy make, and obviously have millions out there being used, so the chance of this happening to a malcaren is more because there are more of them. and i agree, kids shouldnt be near you anyway.
  • the new hinge covers are available here now, you just need to e-mail maclaren with your details and buggy details and they will send them to you,com_wrapper/Itemid,98889681/lang,en/
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