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v tech fun bounce and ride giraffe?

Does anyone have one? I think it is a fairly new toy and cant find any reviews for it yet.I absolutely hated it when I first saw it in the mag but now im thinking again.I mean with the winter coming and the london rain all the time maybe it would be quite nice to have an active toy for the indoors.We keep little tikes cosy coupe in but she mostly pushes her postman pat in it if not out,plus has a wheely bug,but i still think we need something else.Any opinions ?Thanks


  • hey sooky2.. im not sure how useful my comment may be but i thought i would throw it in anyway.. i have no experience of the vtech giraffe (i actually "googled" it after reading youe message lol) anyway... have you seen the fisher price bounce and spin zebra?? we have had this for a year now andd my daughter (2) still LOVES it i think it is very similar to the giraffe and it doesnt take up too much room.. its about the same price as the girafe too (although you may find its cheaper because its on offer on lots of places.. amazon... for eg) im just about to order one for my friends little boy who is 1 as he loves my daughters when he comes to play at our house... anyway i hope its ok i suggested it! x
  • Hello Spuddy and thank u- what was stopping me from zebra was that it is suitable from 12 months so was not sure how much more life could we get out of it,as Pepi is 2 in january.It is on display in our local mothercare,so will go and give it a try.Thanks.
  • thats ok i just love it so much id recommend it at any chance lol my daughter is very tall and still fine on it but obviously every child is different! goodluck!! i hope yu get whicheve suits lo best! x
  • Hi
    I've also just bought my son the bouncing zebra for his first birthday. We also liked the girraff but as the zebra was on offer on amazon we got the zebra.
    He's an average sized 12 months and his feet dont quite reach the floor yet so i think your lo would still get lots of use out of it. My 5 year although a little to big can still just about fit on it too.
    I think 2 is probably about the ideal age for it as my 1 yr old son is still a bit young.
    I dont think there's alot of difference in the giraff and zebra though they both look nice.
  • Just seen your other post i think you'll be really pleased with the zebra!
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