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Double pushchair or Buggy Board (Also in Pregnancy)

Hi ladies,

I'm 11 weeks pregnant with my second baby, due mid August. When the baby is born my little girl will be 2 years 3 months.

Do you think I'll need a double pushchair or do you think she'll be old enough for just a buggy board? She's quite lively and doesn't really like being in her pushchair much now but am concerned about whether she'll get tired out.

Thanks for any replies xx


  • I have 12 months between my girls so Lily was only just 1 when Evie was born. I did use a double buggy for a while. When Lily was nearly 2
    I started just letting her walk everywhere and I pushed Evie in a single buggy. I actually found that easier.

    In your situation I'd probably go for a buggy board, unless you walk really large distances. I found my lo was fine with a 10 min walk to shops and 10 mins back at age 2. Double buggies can be pricy too so if you do decide to get one maybe gor for 2nd hand and it won't matter so much if you don't use it for long.

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