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Which car sun shade?

I have a sun shade, not sure what make, which is quite thin. it takes the glare of the sun but she still sqints sometimes. I want to get a shade that blocks out the sun more but she is able to see out. Not able to see in shops as in packaging. Any suggestions?


  • i bought a a sunshad for the pram called shade a babe. im sure i seen in there mini catalogue that came with it a car shade. i know the shade a babe is fantastic so i expect their carshade should be quite good. hope this helps
  • iv got a fairly cheap set from toys r us there black bear shapes and have propper suckers. iv had ones that are suppost to actually stick the whole thing on but they were really naf and i say stay away from ones rolled up as they dont always unfold that well.

  • I bought some from mothercare with the suckers on but they won't stick properly! so i ended up with windowsox they fit over the back door covering the window baby can see out but you can also wind the window down which is quite handy as my air con is crap and Sam loves the wind in his hair!! they are a bit dear though as you buy them to fit your make of car so they are a snug fit .
  • I bought some cheap car blinds from toys r us but my LO pulls them off the window as the suckers are rubbish!
    I've now invested in the more expensive "roller blind" type which work a treat. We've just been to Spain on holiday and these blinds are better as they are darker and block out the sun more. Def worth the extra ????'s
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