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Best 2nd stage car seat - also posted in baby

Good evening lovely ladies, I hope you are all well.

I have already got my 2nd stage carseat (maxi cosi axiss) ready for when lo outgrows his 1st stage, however, I have a few friends (and I am nosey to know myself) who are still looking so I was wondering if any of you know "Which?" top recommended 2nd stage car seats. If not, which one do you have, why, and how do you find it?

Sorry for all the questions, there are so many out there and such a range in prices!!!


Becky x


  • I agree the range is quite confusing! I don't know bout the which? recommendations. I have the Britax Evolva 123 and i think its fab, it turns into a high back booster so it'll last for a while. lo always looks realy comfy in it and quite often falls asleep i the car. I would def reommend it my sis and a couple of friends also have it.
  • We have the Maxi Cosi PrioriFix and it's really good. I would like the Axiis though as lo wriggly when putting in her car seat.

    I think Maxi Cosi & Britax always fare quite well for stage 2 seats.

    And am I the only mum who sometimes bangs her head when trying to put lo in...? Someone else pls say they do!!
  • Yes it does have a base so it is fairly high. We have a Focus and tbh it's a bit awkward putting her in. We would like a people carrier type car really once we can afford it.
  • We have an awkward non family designed car, A BMW 330 Coupe so only two huge doors and bucket back seat, so our choices were slightly limited and made even more so by my insistence on ISOFIX.

    We also decided a bit differently that some mum's here that we just wanted a single stage car seat not a 123 as we felt they were specifically designed for that purpose and therefore not comprimised.

    This resolve did waiver when i saw the Kiddy Infinity Pro seat, which actually fitted easily in our BMW and I really like the roll bar feature as opposed to harness!

    We tried lots and funnily enough the BMW seat doesns't fit our BMW! We loved the Jane Exo but sadly we don't have a top tether point and this was essential, so we went for the Britax Duo Plus and absolutely love it! It doesn't move an inch on the seat or even wiggle and my son is very happy in there.

    It's not even as much of a struggle as I thought getting him in and out.
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