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Bath Toy Recommendations...

Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions for some good bath toys for my dd, she will be 2 in January and she really needs some new toys for the bath as she still has the toys I bought her last Christmas.

Thanks x


  • I've just bought Oscar a Disney bath companion which is like a soft toy for the bath. They're on sale in Toys R Us (??4.99) and have several different characters. He's also got some character rubber ducks (a pirate and a punk lol) as I don't think you can go wrong with a classic like that.

    There's also the Waybuloo bath toys - the characters are in an egg, you drop the egg and it opens when it hits the bottom of the bath - or the Teletubby floating island which friends have recommended to me
  • My son and daughter both love the Thomas Bath Island, you can get them in Tesco for under a tenner -
  • Thanks for your recommendations girls, I will take a look. I have just bought her a new Fifi bath mat and even that has made her excited about getting in the bath so she definitely needs some new toys!!
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