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Helllo Alll, this is my 1st baby, and i cant help but buy all the expensive things, buh i feel like i should stop buying all the expensive things as i could save way more money. does anyone know of a well known shop that isnt as expensive but the same amount of quality is there? Thnks:\)


  • the babies r us bit of toys r us is quite good value.
    i was the same with my first hun and im sure most 1st time mums are too.
    now on no4 and have learned that most stuff hardly gets used.
    happy baby shopping image. xx
  • Ebay is a great resource for baby stuff. I've got some great bargains there.
  • you might find people buy a lot for you or give you things..this was a pleasant surprise for us as it meant we could spend more on the things that we really wanted to get ie pram, first outfit, change bag..
    babies r us is very reasonable and remember there are some things u dont need that people think u should cot top changers and nappy hamper units.. a changing mat is fine! unless u want to buy all that of course! just think of practicality!
  • i had my baby on a budget and was tight for space so i just asked all my family and friends who'd had babies for there must haves and the stuff to avoid. i can quite happily say all ive got is the stuff i needed. Shop around too i got a lot of my stuff from ebay, carboots, charity shops and the little adverts in supermarkets and newsadgets. (most baby stuff isnt used for long so a lot of the time its like almost new) what i did need new, i bargain hunted the net for.

    You can also sell your outgrown stuff or equipment on ebay and get some money back for future bits needed.

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  • Thank You, ive seen a really nice pram i want but its ??550 i feel its to expensive , dya think you get what you pay for? as if i payed ??120 for one it wudnt last long and wudnt be comfy etc
  • for my 1st baby i got her a country remix 3in1 pram rly gd condition on ebay for 350.00 it was 700qui brand new and im goin to use it for my 2nd baby too
    abbie+hope+blue bump 22wks
  • Hi, ebay is a good place to look like everyone has said but also try they also have a shop in Peterborough and often sell the demo buggies alot cheaper.
    Sam xx
  • hey em - ive been told that its better to get a better pram as generally they last longer and like you said more comfortable. ive also looked at the cot beds as they seem to last abit longer as they turn into junior beds. which is the pram you like ? xx
  • I llike the quinny prams , but ive seena mamas and papas one. i havent really looked at anything else apart from baby clothes haha
  • Decide what you really want in a pram before you choose one. For me, a large basket underneath was important. I wanted one where the baby could either face me or face out. I walk outdoors a lot, and I wish I'd bought a push chair with sturdy air-filled tyres rather than hard plastic ones. There are millions to choose from, and the best advice I can give is to read as many reviews as you can before deciding.
  • Hiya dont bother buying too many baby clothes as you get heeps as presents, i bought my pram from mothercare you got the same one from Argos and it was the same price - i also bought a cotbed!

    The pram that i bought was the loola confort - not a great buggy/pram but they did an ace thing that i ddn't buy coz i was told by my oh not to (wish i didn't listen) is the basionette bit, it can be used as a car seat, moses basket and pram!
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