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Which nappies?

Hi all!
Was wondering if anybody had any favorite nappies, have tried tesco's, asda's pampers and huggies and none of them seem to hold a lot, (maybe I'm just expecting too much :\?)
When my LO was born I found tesco's own nappies quite good but now they either leak or she's wet most of the time... any advice would be appreciated. Thanks


  • I use Tesco Nappies now and find them very good and hold loads. Kara started to leak with Pampers and I found she always smelt strongly of urine whwn she was wearing pampers. A couple of others on here have said the same about Pampers.
  • thanks for your advice I have tried tesco's own again and they do seem a lot better than pampers and asda's. Thanks
  • I have never used Asda's but the nearest Asda is about 20 or so miles away so it wouldn't be worth trying them. I am sticking with Tesco at the minute as Kara has been great wtih them and I would have no hesitation in using them again.
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