Baby Photographs - have you had some done?

Can I just ask a whole load of questions!?!?

Have you had pics of your baby/family taken?
If so, how did you choose who to go to?
What type of pics did they take?
How long did the session take?
How may pics did you get to see/choose from?
Did you buy any?
Did you buy prints or a package (and if a package what was in it?)
What did you like/dislike about your session/photo's?
Did they offer you a CD with your prints in which you could use to get your own prints/put onto a canvas/email family & friends?

Any info you can give would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks in advance


  • We had some pics done for the Xmas before last when Millie was about 4 months old. We used an independat local place that were recomended to us buy our butcher! They took a load of photos, we were there about 40 mins I think and they put all the good ones onto a preview cd set to music which we got to keep (you can't print from it though). We bought two small canvas for Grannys (about ??35 each), a big canvas for us (about ??125) and a framed print, theshhot cost ??20. The photo's were fantastic, loads of Millie on her own, some with all of us on and some fabulous ones of Millie and her dad where they are both topless. The only thing that we didn't like was the fact that Millie was in a mood! The photographer was brilliant. We have in the past also used Venture portraits (think they are nationwide) as I won a competition with them and they were dreadful. The pictures weren't particularly good and they were HUGELY expensive so I would say avoid them like the plague! Hope that helps,
  • I have a friend that won a session at Venture. It would have cost her ??150. She got 1 8x10 pic in this, for a canvas 24x24 they wanted ??5000. she said no thanks!

    My hubby is intrested in photography and took ours with his digital camera and has managed to get some really great pics of our boy from birth right through to today, we print out the 6x4 at home on a photo printer or go to boots to get enlargements. We gave some of the pics to family at xmas and they thought they'd been done at a studio. Plus no one gets too stressed!
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