Cotbed Matress


This is my first baby and I already have everything I need except a cotbed matress, really confused with all the different types available.

Can anyone recommend one, looking for the safest option and not that worried about cost....just v confused!!

All help gratefully received!

x :\?


  • Hi pinkchick, foam mattresses are best for a newborn baby so if you dont have a moses basket or crib and will be using your cotbed from birth then its best to get a foam one. If you will be using a crib etc and baby wont be in the cotbed for at least 3 months then i'd advise a spring mattress as they last longer and you will be using it until your child is about 5yrs so you will need it to last!! The mattresses with zip off layers that you can machine wash are brilliant for when baby's sick etc! Good luck
  • I got mine the same as described above from toys R us xx
  • Hiya hun,
    I got mine with the cotbed and chose the sprung one that has a removable washable cover! It looks sooo comfy and lo seems to like it. Good luck picking its a minefield out there! xxx
  • hi i got mine from mothercare they reccomended it to me and its so comfy 4 jayden
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