which car seat?? confused!!

lo has just grown out of the car seat that came with his travel system so I am in need of a car seat and i don't know what type to get. there are a few criteria: it needs to be pretty cheap and portable as we don't have a car (but use hire cars and get picked up by friends etc) and fairly lightwieght. also should i go for one with internal strap or without? i would worry that an adult seat belt would not protect lo enough with out additional straps? do i need to worry about this or not? don't want to spend over ??100 as not worth it if we only use it once a month at most. also need one that will fit him til 11 years. he is just about to be 1. Am looking at MOthercare Advance SP, do you have it? any good? or a really cheap one thats a foam booster seat and back but without straps.... :? :? thanks girls! xx


  • Hi Curly Claire

    I bought the Britax evolva 123 ultra from Kiddicare.com it cost 89.99 with free delivery. Its the next step up from the carry seat. Rhys has been in it for about 3 months and loves it.
    Its got 2 seat positions, padded seats, adjustable sides, adjustable head, its really easy to fit in the car (I've been swapping it between our car and my parents) This one fits from 9kgs upwards to about 11 yrs as it converts as they grow, i found it really good for my lo, he's only 7months but quite a big boy
  • Personally there is no way I would put a baby that young in an adult seat belt. Which magazine did some crash testing with the high back boosters and for small toddlers the results were horribly poor. The mothercare Advance looks pretty good, and all of the Brittax seats are good so either of those would probably be a good option. Mothercare actually sell both of those so you could go and see which is lighter and easier to fit before deciding.
  • thankyou, thats what i wanted to hear! def will go to m'care and test some out! xx
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