Mamas & Papas X Cel Chassis

Hi all,

I have ordered the mamas & papas x cel chassis 6 in 1 pram in polka.
I'm really excited as I put a lot of research into which style of pram I wanted & that would be suitable for me & my lifestyle but now my OH who is paying solely for the pram has said he thinks i've made the wrong choice because it's big, bulky & the front wheels don't turn!!!

Has anyone else got this pram & if so what do you think of it?
Lauren (32wks) xox


  • Hi, i dont have this one, but i nearly bought it. changed my mind at the last minute and went for the pliko pramette in polka which i love. It's your choice which pram you want, all i would say is that babies dont stay little for very long and before you know it you will be using it a puschair and then it may be a liitle big, but hey everyone's different so its up to you... x
  • I have it & have been using it for my lo for the past 9 months, it is bulky but it is such a good pram & I love the clip on/clip off feature for the car seat, pram & pushchair bits.

    My lo is a big boy & when he is in the pushchair he has a lot of room in it. We used the stand & crib instead of a moses basket til he was 4 months & used to just clip it onto the frame if I wanted to go out whlst lo was still asleep, also if needing to pop to the shop whilst lo was in the car seat meant not having to unstrap him & put him in another pushchair as you can just unclip the carseat & clip it onto the frame.

    Perosnally I love it, it is bulky but thats what I like about it, it feels solid. My mum has bought hersellf a maclarens XT for when she has him & although lightweight & small seems too flimsy to me, another benefit of the M&P xcel is that everything can be forward or rear facing but tbh my lo has only ever faced me when we go out as it means we can have fun & chats whilst walking around & I dont' have to worry about anyone whacking him with bags or flciking fag ash over him.
  • Thanks for your replies girls, I really love it & can't wait to get using it. I prefer the bulkier sturdier type of pram which is why I went for this one- my brother & his gf had the loola pram for me nephew & I hated it it was just so hard to maneouver & too light or something!
    Awh well each to their own, just over 7 weeks & i'll be pushing mine about!
    Lauren (32+5)
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