Tutti Bambini - anyone have their furniture?

:? I have been looking online and seen some lovely baby furniture I love from tutti bambini it's the alicante range and I was wondering if anyone had this or any other tutti furniture and can you tell me if you like it and it's safe and sturdy ......

Haven't actually found a baby shop that has them in stock to see so would appreciate some advice ... I'm a panicked first time mum with no clue!!

Thanks ladies!


  • just received a new rocking chair which i ordered off of e-bay. It was easy to assemble and is really comfy.
  • hi,

    we've just had delivery of their Fernando room set. Looks good, feels sturdy. Not yet put baby in cot bed as wrong mattress but right one will come on Tuesday. The free glider chair is very comfy.

    Just a word of caution. There are several websites selling the same furniture, offering free assembly and free glider chair, and they all have very similar website addresses. I read somewhere that one of these is dodgy and didn't give someone their money back when the stuff was not in stock. I recommend find the phone number and talk to someone before ordering from a particular website.

    Good luck
  • Thanks everyone but I have decided against the furniture set ....after telling my hubby I had my heart set on it he explained it wouldn't fit in our nursery...am gutted!

    So I'm back to the drawing board again ....but thanks for the info!
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