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Mum facing pushchair

I'm looking for a pushchair or travel system that faces mum as I want to have my baby facing me especially when he is small. It is such a minefield of choice and I do not want to spend huge amounts of money as there is so much else to buy in such a short period of time.
All comments and advice welcome

Thank you xxx


  • Thanks Mrs Fraggle. Didn't mean to mislead you, dont know whether I'm having a boy or a girl so would be looking for something that would work either way, just call him he rather than it. Theres so much choice and I dont want to get it wrong as I'll be using it for at least 3 years. Thanks for the link, I'll have a look now xx
  • I have a bebe confort loola up. Quite similar to the streety in the link but I prefer it!! dd is 7 months old and we love the pram!!
  • I have a bebe confort loola up. Quite similar to the streety in the link but I prefer it!! dd is 7 months old and we love the pram!!
  • Hi, we've gone for the Babystyle Oyster (not arrived yet) is a Which? best buy and has other awards. It's good value, at least compared to 'expensive' brands and can get it as a travel system.
  • Hi Redbrown, when are you due?

    I was going to say the Loola Up too, like Luc86!
    It's now branded as Maxi Cosi Loola Up (previously Bebe Confort).
    We originally planned on getting the Streety, after being impressed with it when shown in a shop... then we fell for the Loola Up instead (suited us better, as hubby is very tall). Got it in Tango Red.
    You can have it facing towards or away from you, it's very lightweight & folds really cleverly (good for small car boots).
    We got it as a package, including car seat & base and made a good saving.

    Anna x
  • Hi,

    I bought the Loola Up when it was 1/2 price in Boots (just checked and no longer on sale) as it was a dicontinued colour, and I love it! My SIL bought the Streety travel system (currently ??250 in Boots, but she got hers for about ??170 from Kiddicare). She's had her baby and has borrowed our Windoo Carrycot which fits on both Loola and Streety frames (the Windoo has also been discontinued so you should be able to get this reduced if you shop around).

    Good luck - it's a minefield out there!
  • Thanks ladies, thats given me some ideas. I'm hoping to find something in the sales. Thankfully not due until Dec but don't want to leave things to the last minute especially as the shops are crazy at that time of year. We're going to go out this weekend and have a good look and see what we can find but I'll def be looking out for the ones you've recommended. xx
  • hi i've got the obaby zezu it starts off a pram them you change it to a parent facing pushchair and the forward facing. I love it and my sister in law has just brought one too for her little boy and she loves it too. It's great round town and off road. We both got ours from kiddicare. Com and paid around ??180. Just another idea for you x
  • Hiya, not sure as to whereabouts you are in the country, but i have a loola system in cream for sale?? Only looking for ??60 with car seat included, is well used with signs of use but got a lot of life left in it!!! I`m in Bournemouth if that helps, let me know if u r interested
  • Unfortunately I'm in Northern Ireland otherwise I'd def be coming to see that Jeni, I like the cream one aswell. Mumof3blues I'll be having a look at that one one xx
  • So have an update. Went round every shop in the city yesterday looking at prams and think we have decided on the Graco Symbio travel system. It's really easy to change the seats over and very light and smooth to push. Anyone got any experience of this one?;\)
  • I am reseaching like a mad woman. Cant seem to get it for much less than ??430 all in, but might hold off for a few weeks and see if any offers appear x
  • the xcursion from mothercare is 350 including car seat, its rear and front facing which is buy i am getting it.
  • There are so many choices...

    I have 2 friends who both have maclaren xlt's one loves it the other hates it.

    I sort of like my friends peg perego pliko but I can't tell the difference from the maclaren.

    I am going to be a first time mom and really confused. I went into mothercare and the sales woman there seemed to know less than what I knew. I tried another shop and the people were rather rude.

  • Lostfish,

    Are there any independant pram shops near where you live? They are usually a lot more knowledgeble than the big chain stores (apart from maybe John Lewis). We went to a local pram shop to ask their advice (and help when we were playing with the pram and got it stuck!) and they were able to offer a discount on the pram we wanted. In the end we saw the Loola 1/2 price and got it from Boots, but well worth checking out local shops first.

  • I completely agree with you arls. The first place we went was the local baby shop and they were so knowledgable. They didn't have the symbio but when we found it in Babies r us we went back to the local shop and they have ordered it in for us for the same price.
    Really didn't want to buy from babies r us as I found the staff unhelpfull at best. I had already decided not to buy a Moses basket as they are so short term and want to buy a stand to put the carrycot on. Buns can then sleep in that for 6 months. When I asked the girl in Babies r us if I could try the carrycot on the Moses basket stand (which is sold seperately) she immediately snapped, no it's meant for a Moses basket! I was really annoyed at her attitude and so I said 'have you tried it?' to which she had to reply that she hadn't. I asked her then if she minded if I tried it and she said, 'well it won't fit but I'll get it if you want'. She brought it down and hey presto it fitted with room to spare. She then decided to be helpfull and explained how the bands at the side could be tightened to make it more secure. I will be buying this but not from this shop!

    Phew, rant over he he!
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