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Fixed wheels or swivel?


Are swivel wheels a must on the pram or are fixed wheels managable?
We are looking at the Silver cross Sleep over classic, does anyone have one of these?
We love the hieght and the versatility of it but does it really need swivel wheels?
Any help would be much appreciated!


  • Personally for me it has to have swivel wheels as it would just be impossible to get around. Both my prams have swivel wheels although I can lock them and they are fixed. I usually only use these if I am in the house and wheeling Kara to sleep.
  • Hi!

    I have the SIlver Cross Sleepover Deluxe on classic chassis and love it! I did originally have the linear chassis with the swivel wheels but found that the pram was really heavy to push so I purchased the Classic chassic and its great! It has more suspension so easier to push (can push one handed).

    Would definately recommend this pram!

  • Hi,
    i had a mamas & papas freestyler and def had to use the swivel wheels, this time i bought a kaps3 city driver and its big & bouncy without swivel wheels but sooo easy to wheel. i was worried about that but def happy with this one
  • we couldnt be without swivel wheel... it does have the option to lock in place, but i just cant control a non-swivel pram...esp going around the shops!
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