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Rocker or bouncer chair??

I got one cheap from argos in the sales for daniel. it was a bouncing chair but had the vibrating thing on it too.. that was great as daniel would LOVE that! He would be asleep with in 5 mins of going in there!!! xx :\)


  • Hadn't thought of argos. Think I'll have a look on their website now!
  • I was given a rocker when my daughter was born in November
    She didnt really like being in it - so santa brought her a cheap n cheerful bouncer and she's 12 weeks and still luvs it !!

    Think once their a bit bigger and more moveable the rocker will be better
    and she'll enjoy it more ! ;\)
  • I have seen some that do both now! hehe - I have my eye on one of those if I ever need to buy another one!

    My son had a bouncer though - it only really came in use though for after feeds (helped to keep his refulx down) - and whilst I was in the shower! - That way he could be in the bathroom with me slightly entertained whilst I had a shower! hehe
  • Got my little boy a bouncer. he's screams when you put him in it. Finally bought batteries for the vibrate function. Now he looks confused for a few moments before he starts screaming. Result.
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