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My little man is four & a half months old so weaning isn't a million miles away now and I'm starting to think about which highchair to buy.

I like the look of the Chicco Polly as it folds down very compact but what do you all recommend or advise against buying? xx


  • I bought the Cosatto On the Move highchair and it is the smallest folding chair there is I think! It's great! Only downside is it doesnt recline.
  • We have the cosatto milk bar and I think its fab! My lo was in it since 4 months and is not one of her fav places to be, its easy to move about, has 2 trays, leathette easy to clean, and looks great. I would think about what you will actually use it for with me I wanted more than a highchair I wanted somewhere that she could play while Im doing house work and tbh its one of her faviourate places.

    Good luck deciding, I didnt think it would be as difficult as it was choosing a highchair lolol
  • We have the Chicco Polly and its great Marcus loves it plays with his highchair toys we have just started weaning and have use it on a slightly lower level so its easier to get the spoon in. I like the fact that as he gets older we can lower it still so it can be a chair at the table for him to use. very straight forward to operate and clean to
  • The polly has ??15 off at the moment in mothercare. I really like the chicco happy snack but i dont have a lot of space so i also have a cosatto on the move highchair which i love! It is a shame it doesnt recline but i just used it for meals so it wasn't a problem
  • Chicco polly for the recline and table use when older and it folds great xx
  • Depends how you want to use it. My baby is not due until Saturday but I already have my highchair! I got one at Ikea - less than ??15!! - I got it already because we don;t live near Ikea so it was easiest to get it while we were passing and I use it quite a lot already when my sister comes over with her LO who is 18 months old.

    Anyway all I can say is that my sister loves it and her and her hubby said they are going to get one and keep their existing one at my mums house instead. They prefer it because it's so easy to clean and their LO is really happy in it. It's a purely functional sit and eat highchair - no recline and nap functions but this is what they like as she sits up at the table with us all and knows that she is there to eat and interact with everyone else at the table. No chance of slouching about at dinner time.

    You can't fold them so no good if you are pressed for space but most people I know never bother folding theirs away anyway.

    If you look on flickr.com and search ikea highchairs you will see lots of pics of childrfen in ikea highchairs.
  • Does anyone have a wooden high chair? I am considering purchasing the mother care one and wanted to know what anyone else had thought.
  • Hello
    We also swear by the Antilop highchair from Ikea for ??15, our son has been in it from 6 months and as we have done baby led weaning with him, we needed one which would be quick to clean. He has been perfectly happy in it and sits up no problem, we personally wouldn't use a recline highchair and the extra padding on the more expensive chairs just lead to lots more cleaning! We are thinking of upgrading to a tripp trapp soon, again for the ease of cleaning but also as it has a foot rest which is the only thing the Ikea chair lacks. The Ikea one is also brilliant for taking on holiday as the legs just detach very easily.
  • hi, we have the wooden mamas and papas one, its like their version of the tripp trapp, we got it to use forever with my son, he really likes it, my husband has even sat in it lol I mean as a chair, without the tray on. It grows with the child, as it is adjustable on the footbase. We think its great, and without the tray it fits up to most tables, so my son can eat from the table with us hth
  • I have the chicco polly and I love it. It folds down neatly and easy to use. The recline is great and the height adjustment also depending on where you are feeding your lo.
  • We have a Tripp Trapp and although at first it annoyed me that it had no recline function I now think it is fantastic, I had to feed Neve in her bouncy chair for a while as we weaned at 4 months but now that she is 6 months and her back support is good I can see why people rave about them. Its exactly the right height for the table so she has a place setting like the rest of us and she looks very comfortable. I also love that she can use it for years and years as it changes into a regular chair as she gets older.
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