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Will tripp trapp high chair be tall enough for my table?

Hello, I'm thinking of buying a tripp trapp high chair but after looking at the dimensions (31" or 78.5cm tall) I'm a bit worried it won't be the right height for my table which is also 31", meaning the top of the chair is exactly the same as the top of the table, this doesn't soundlike it can be right to me.

Does anyone have one of these high charis and use it with a table of this height. I'd be greatful to hear people's opinions and experiences as it's a lot of money to spend and I want to make sure I'm making the right decision.


helly. xxx


  • Hi,

    I looked at this too and it wasn't high enough for our table the top of which measures 80cm off the ground. I emailed Stokke and was advised maximum table height was 76 cm so think it might not be high enough for your table either. I looked at it in Mothercare too and it really isn't that tall- was gutted as haven't seen any others I like ! Hope this helps. Lisa x
  • Thanks, I'm gutted not to be able to get a Tripp Trapp but the height and the price rise mean it's a no go. I've just ordered a Phil and Ted's me too. It fits on to the end of the table and has got great reviews plus it's cheap. It's not arrived yet but fingers crossed it'll be ok. x
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